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Welcome to Youth Matters New Mills CIC.

We are a community interest company (CIC number 13338616) which means that we are a not for profit organisation. Any monies that we collect through events will be put directly back in to providing more services for the young people of New Mills.

When we set up this organisation we wanted to provide a safe, welcoming environment for local young people to gather and mix with their peers.

Our aim is to provide a range of positive and fun experiences and opportunities for personal growth to families, children and young people in and around New Mills.


  • To address the impact that the pandemic has had on all our children and young people’s behaviour, mental health and physical activity.

  • To offer inclusive physical activity for all children and young people. The earlier these strong attitudes are developed and maintained, the earlier these skills are learnt and the more likely they will track through to a habitual active lifestyle. We propose that children in Years 3 & 4 (our least active school year cohort), are prioritised for attention both inside and outside of school.  

  • To design our systems to make it easier for children and young people from our ethnically diverse communities and children who need extra support to build physical activity into their daily lives.  The intensity and scale of our change must match the level of inequality experienced by these two groups.

  • We are a very fast growing organisation, and the key to this is working with lots of other community groups.


Our team is made up of brilliant volunteers from all walks of life from the New Mills and surrounding area.

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